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Grade Teacher Email
Pre-K3 Mrs. Peterson cpeterson@stjoeschooltr.org
Pre-K Mrs. Cella dcella@stjoeschooltr.org
Kindergarten A Miss Ricci kricci@stjoeschooltr.org
Kindergarten B Mrs. Brennan mbrennan@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 1A Mrs. Williams lwilliams@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 1B Mrs. Bodden pbodden@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 1C Miss Murray cmurray@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 2A Mrs. Jones njones@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 2B Mrs. Kennedy ckennedy@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 3A Miss Schrumpf kschrumpf@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 3B Mrs. Kleme ckleme@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 3C Ms. Dishon rdishon@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 4A Mrs. Brown mbrown@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 4B Mrs. Misko cmisko@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 4C Mrs. Corey kcorey@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 5A Mrs. Saluccio vsaluccio@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 5B Miss Lebel jlebel@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 5C Miss Hernon ehernon@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 6A Mrs. Chiarello
Grade 6B Mrs. Braun sbraun@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 6C Mr. Tobin ctobin@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 7A Miss Bigg kbigg@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 7B Ms. Cerami pcerami@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 7C Mr. Dudley wdudley@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 8A Ms. Criscuolo jcriscuolo@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 8B Mrs. Delaney mdelaney@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 8C Mrs. Reynolds sreynolds@stjoeschooltr.org
Math Page Dr. Berberian fberberian@stjoeschooltr.org
Art Mrs. Kitzmiller skitzmiller@stjoeschooltr.org
Spanish Señor Andersen wandersen@stjoeschooltr.org
Music Mrs. Grill dgrill@stjoeschooltr.org
Technology Mrs. Roth croth@stjoeschooltr.org
Nurse Mrs. Pair lpair@stjoeschooltr.org
Counselor Mrs. Roche droche@stjoeschooltr.org
Physical Education Ms. Ellis bellis@stjoeschooltr.org
Library Mrs. Verrillo vverrillo@stjoeschooltr.org
Performing Arts Mrs. Krenek kkrenek@stjoeschooltr.org
Band Mr. Cowdrick jcowdrick@stjoeschooltr.org
Rainbows Mrs. Kennedy
Mrs. Morris


Cafeteria   tnelson@stjoeschooltr.org

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St. Joseph Grade School
711 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753
Phone: 732-349-2355    |    Fax: 732-349-1064

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